Third time I'm entering my question! New user and frustrated.

After three hours of a slow download it failed and said try again later. Now I can’t find the place to get the download.
I want the program that converts from Works files to Office, or Libre Office.
Does anyone know where in the Libre Office software I can find that download to try again?

Did I get it right? Are you looking for the LibreOffice download page?

You are welcome:

Does anyone know where in the Libre Office software I can find that download to try again?

This is incompresible. To find something in Libre Office software you must have Libre Office software installed. So why do you need to download, if you are searching where to download in something which you are heading to download… confused? Me too …

I have the software. But it doesn’t convert Works to Office. It gave me a link to a program that does that. That extra program failed a complete download. The error message said to try again later. Now I can’t find the link to that site within the Libre Office software. I stumbled on it in the first place and haven’t been able to retrace those steps.

I would actually try to help but cannot find a clue. “Works files to …” simply doesn’t tell what’s the matter.
There was software by MS named “MS Works” for decades. It was a predecessor of MS Office in a sense when t started as a MS-DOS software, and it lived for a long time in parallel with MS Office as a Windows software sold till about 2007. I used Works for DOS for some years starting about 1990 with its text processing and its spreadsheet component, never the database. The file extensions used were .wps and .wks respectivly.
Is this about the conversion of the prehistoric kind of files (from DOS times)?
Is it about Works for Windows (I never used)?
Is it about databases? .
Please tell!

the quality of an answer is frequently correlated to the quality of the question. what is it you want to do, may be a better approach in this scenario.

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This thread –
– offers a link at the bottom that seems promising:

The digital life link describes a converter and what the limitations of the converter are:

Here’s a snip from the description:
"If you still have Microsoft Works installed, just use the Works Database to export and save the database in CSV or other transferable format that can be used to import into Excel, Access or other program.

"Works Database Converter is useful when users only has the database file created by Microsoft Works, but without the program to open the DB. Works Database Converter can convert old Microsoft Works Database (*.wdb) files (e.g. MS Works 3 and 4) into a spreadsheet compatible with all versions of Microsoft Excel. The data extraction is done on a ‘best-effort’ basis, which works reasonably well provided that you only have one table of data per file that you process. Some compatibility may affect numeric fields.

"Works Database Converter is a Java applet, and requires Java program to be installed to run. "

Why did you assume this was about databases?

Hi twoknoy

You do not need to download another program to achieve what you want; the means to do this is within the import/export filters already provided with the LO suite of programs. Look for #28 Microsoft Works Document within the earlier link. Using them should be as simple as:-

  1. Open a file
    (from the menu, in the ordinary way)
  2. Choose your MS-Works file
  3. Click OK

Note the following:

  • Sometimes it may be necessary to select the File type (“Microsoft Works document (.wps)”*) before clicking OK
  • You are advised to re-save the document in the standard LO-format before making any changes
  • The import process is often good, but varies in quality amongst the hundreds of different filters

If any of this helps then please tick the answer (:heavy_check_mark:).