This has happened 3 times! Why does LibreOffice keep reformatting my documents?

I going to have to stop using LibreOffice and go back to Word because 3 times LibreOffice has reformatted my manuscripts for not reason at all. I’ve written 2 books on Libre and for some reason, when my computer has rebooted, the manuscripts are completely out of whack! There are huge page-sized spaces between paragraphs and the page numbers are completely screwed up. It takes me hours to go back and fix the damage done to all 160+ pages. This is very frustrating. What the crap is going on here?

Suppose you didn’t use the native file format (.odt for ‘Writer’)?
Anywa you can be sure that millions of users don’t have this problem. There must be something specific to your OS/installation/version/user profile/ways of use…or whatever.

As Lupp advises, use only ODF for an ongoing work. And only after you have finished, export a file to a foreign format (and avoid DOCX, if you need interoperability, export to DOC). Besides, use, as much as possible, styles rather than adhoc formatting.

LibreOffice has reformatted my manuscripts for not reason at all
As they say, the reason for 99% of bugs is between the screen and the keyboard. Kidding aside, you should better share a file to let someone see what’s wrong.

These aren’t ongoing works. They’re completed. Don’t get me wrong, I actually prefer Libre over Word, it gives me more options when writing my books. I just don’t understand what’s going on. But, I did have it saved as a DOCX because I use Word Online on my tablet when I’m away from the laptop. But it just dawned on me to search for a Libre App for my tablet. DUUH!! The only issue is that when uploading to my publishing site, ODF is not an option. I guess I could “save as” DOCX for that.

By the way… how would I share the file to give you a better understanding of the issue? Can I share it here?

You need enough “karma” points for uploading files (paperclip tool). Now you have.

  1. On a tablet, try AnrdOpenOffice.
  2. For interoperability with Microsoft software, export to DOC rather than DOCX (however, I don’t know if DOC is acceptable for Word Online).

Why does LibreOffice keep reformatting my documents?

Because you keep saving them as .doc or .docx files and not as .odt files.

Depending on what you have in your file, LO may change the formatting when you save the file as anything other than a .odt file. Saving as a .odt file is the only way to guarantee that your formatting will not change.

Similarly, opening a .doc or .docx file may show a different layout compared with opening the same file with MS Word.

Documents will also change layout if the document is calling for a font which you do not have installed because LO and your OS will silently substitute a font which you do have installed. This is likely to cause different line and page spills.

ALWAYS save as .odt. NEVER work in or save documents as .doc and especially not as a .docx.

Have you switched off the warning LO gives you when saving as anything other .odt that data and formatting may be lost?

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Considering abandoning LibreOffice as I keep finding not just format, but slabs of text disappear between saves and program restarts.

This is especially annoying when important documents are emailed in the specified MSWord format and discovered to be functionally unreadable.

Hours of everyone’s work lost because you guys have decided otd is the only legitimate format.

MS will never tolerate full interoperability. It’s the raison d’être of MS Office to be different. As they are still accepted as those defining the factual standard they do not need to bee good. They only need to be not too bad and to remain

  1. the “market leader”
  2. incompatible.

MS can afford developers to assure incompatibility again and again. They also could afford the efforts and the means to get their OOXML approved as an alternative “open standard”. Did you watch the discussion in 2008? See this page e.g. to learn about it.
IMO the struggle for relevance by free and open office software on the compatibility path is lost. It should be the quality path now.