Time calculation - which formula is needed?

I sum up times and the sum goes beyond 24h and need to multiply the hours with an hourly rate to create an invoice.

  • Until 23:59 I can use the formula =(HOUR(G15)+MINUTE(G15)/60)*320 to linearize the time
  • Beyond 23:59 the used formula reduces the time value by 24h. This is the correct functionality of the HOUR(cell) function.

I searched Help and Help Wiki but it seems that I overlooked the solution.

I appreciate any help which lets me to linearize hours and minutes beyond 23:59.

Internally Date/Time-Values are stored in units of Day
for transfer into units of hours you need to multiply by 24

=G15*24  * hourly_rate   

simply does the job

Thanks for the hint.
In Japanese I now need to say “hazukashii”… meaning I feel ashamed because I did not come up with the idea myself.

Hopefully it helps some other guys.

You also may have to use separate formula for each side of the Day,
and add them together, (day1)+(day2),
to display your total time,
then multiply by your rate for funds.

simple for auditors and bosses to see.