Time Stamp Help!

Wrote a C++ program that outputs a CSV with the following timestamp format.
How can I get Calc to recognize this so that I can sort ascending and descending?
I have thousands of entries and a customer who needs it in order.
Any ideas?

Wed May 31 23:00:00 2017

A timestamp format like “DDD MMM DD HH:MM:SS YYYY” should be regarded either a bad joke or a criminal offense. Who wrote that monstrous “program”? Did he manage to get that program doing anything in a reasonable way?

And now we get that question giving exactly one example, and this eaxmple is based on exactly the one month for which the month-formats MMM and MMMM don’t make a difference.

Can I believe that at least a format was chosen resulting in a constant length of all the stamps?

Suppose the import format is actually described by DDD MMM DD HH:MM:SS YYYY and an imported DTS is placed in cell A2 you will get a date-time-stamp in the numeric representation used by spreadsheets by the simple formula:
You should format the result by YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS to get an unambiguos display.