Time tracking 24 hr pie chart


i would like to track my day time, so i have prepared a sheet with :

(Formated in HH:MM)

Start time :
End time :
Total hrs :
Activity :
Description :

… and so on.

i would like to know how can i use those daily / weekly / monthly data and represent them in a pie chart like the watch fields divided in 24 hrs with colored pieces of pie chart from Start time to End time same as a 24 hrs watch field with color based in kind of activity and description label.

Thanks in advance for your help.



thanks for replying.
Of course i can provide you an example for two days, i just want to see how the pie chart will work in time ( in principle ).


“… and so on.” … You should provide an actual example of data as they would be (in principle) for a day / a week. There are pretty much problems that can be caused by details of how a schedule is implemented.

I studied your example (from 2014-12_11), of course. It simply doesn’t show me what you actually want to achieve.
As also no other contributor posted an answer there might have been an objective problem. You won’t solve it by simply bumping the request.

“I would like to track my day time, …” This won’t be possible without a complete listing of (in-)activities over the period of time to evaluate. This being a day or two the listing must cover 24 or 48 hours respectively.

Guessing a bit about your intentions and roughly completing the time table by arbitrary values I designed a preliminary suggestion. Study the attached document ask43408TimetrackingCompletedReworkedOneSheet002.ods, please. It also contains a few additional explanations.

With regard to using charts in general you should study the guides from here. Using charts will mainly be described in the Calc guide (about 30 pages).

Please delete the bump mentioned.

I know,

i thought none was going to answer anymore :), and then the easiest way “i though” was starting an other topic.
Thanks for replying me, Merci pout ton aide, i will check the file further and accurately but at a first look i see that there are 2 days over there, i actually need i resume pie chart for a single 24 hrs day.
Once being able to understand and build it, apply to each day, and maybe make other weekly, monthly, yearly survey pie chart, this is my aim.

Thank you for your time.

1 day, 2 days or how many … The chart will display a statistic for all the slices listed. You simply should make sure that you have completely listed an exact multiple of the basic period (1 day, e.g.) you want. A statistic leaving out this and that arbitrarily won’t tell much. (Except that a picture can lie more than thousand words?)


i tried to do it myself, without any good result, unfortunately…
Here is the 24 hrs example with activities, and a preview 1000 wordless image i have done to make you understand how i need it. The *.odt attachment image also in share.

Thanks for your support