Timetable "transformation" (pivot tables..?)


Hello! I have prepared a timetable for my school using Calc. The attachment is just a sample of the timetable’s structure. Of course, the real timetable is by far more complicated and bigger! Is there any way to “transform” a timetable (generally speaking… a matrix) from one form to another AUTOMATICALLY, by using either some special functions, or pivot tables? The type of “transformation” I need appears in the attachment (sample ods file). Thanks a lot!

Hello @alex72gr

To transform rows to columns you can use TRANSPOSE function entered as an array function (Array Functions - LibreOffice Help), confirmed with Ctrl+Shift+Enter or CMD+Shift+Enter, depends on OS.

I have edited and attached your example spreadsheet to show how it could be implemented. Sample is not fully automatic and I think it should not be, cause number of days is constant, number of hours is also predictable, teachers do not (assumably) come and go every week, so all these parameters can be “hardcoded”. You can just prepare this form once with exact numbers of days and hours and fill table with TRANSPOSE function. Adding a new teacher, if needed, will not take much time and effort. So, hardcoded form with only data inside timetable changing seems enough to me.

P.S. I am not strong at Pivot Tables, possibly it could be the correct solution.

Thank you for responding! I’m going to check your file little later… Maybe… for a fully automatic transformation, writing some macros, or utilizing a programming language might be more flexible (if one knows programming!). What do you think?