Tip of the Day doesn't change each day

For some time now, probably since I updated to v7.2 (I’m currently on v7.2.2.2), the Tip of the Day has stayed the same each day, and only changes if I select the next tip.

Is there a way to fix this, or is it a bug? There doesn’t seem to be anything in https://bugs.documentfoundation.org so I’m guessing that it’s not a bug.


Bug 144693 It has already been reported.
Edited: Current status is fixed so it will be released shortly

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Open Writer, for example.
Select Help>Show Tip of the Day from the menu.
A tip is displayed and you can click the “Next Tip” button.

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Thanks WhiteKnight! Your searching is clearly far better than mine!

I had an advantage - I filed the bug and as it’s declared resolved, you would have difficulty finding it in the open bug list.

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Thanks For your work on this problem WhiteKnight! Looks like it took a fair amount of effort to convince others that it was really a problem.

Yeah, sometimes the experts can be a little sceptical - probably because they don’t need those sorts of things and don’t really appreciate how it affects us mere mortals