Title Installing Jaybird on Windows and connecting LibreOffice to Firebird Server using JDBC

Hi, nothing seems simple when doing it the first time! I have managed to successfully install a Firebird 3.0 server on a Windows 7 machine, connect to it, and, using isql or FlameRobin, created and filled tables etc. So far so good.

Next step: connecting to the Firebird server from LibreOffice 6.2. Various posts and indications from Ratslinger point to using the Jaybird JDBC to enable this.

So I downloaded Jaybird 3.0.8-JDK_1.8.zip, unzipped it and located the jaybird-full-3.0.8.jar file, and pointed to it in LibreOffice in Class Path.

Then I went into the Base Database Wizard, and selected “Connect to an existing database”, using the .fdb file I had set up previously in FlameRobin.

I selected the option “JDBC”, and then followed Ratslinger’s instructions: Datasource URL set: jdbc:firebirdsql:oo://localhost//c:/d/libre/firstdb.odb
JDBC driver class: org.firebirdsql.jdbc.FBDriver

Tested the class and all ok.

Then moved onto specifying username and password, tested the connection, but got the error message that wire encryption was required.

Where do I set this in LibreOffice?

answer my own question: in firebird.conf, I set WireCrypt = Enabled

Now a different error, it can’t find the database, so I presume it is in the pathname I have specified.

Any suggestions? Thanks!

Please delete all duplicates of this question. Thanks in advance …


This is somewhat what I had eluded to in the comment in your last post.

This is now the third different question for this post:

  • JDBC connector install

  • unencrypted wire connection error

  • unavailable database

The last two are in the question the first deleted. This makes it difficult for people to answer. Each time I was about to answer, the question changed. Don’t know if this is going to change again.

if you can help with this last one, that would be great!


I haven’t used Windows in some time but it appears the for the DB location the / should be \:


thanks, you are right, the backslash is needed for the path name, but still gives a connection error unless the forward slashes around localhost are also removed. I also had to add the character set. Final solution for Windows:

datasource URL: jdbc: firebirdsql:oo:localhost:c:\d\libre\FIRSTDB.FDB?charSet=UTF-8
JDBC driver class: org.firebirdsql.jdbc.FBDriver

Thanks again for all the support and assistance. (Now that it connects on Windows, I will now move to get the Firebird Server working on the Lubuntu machine).