To call a MySQL prodedure from within a form?

I need to call (run) a procedure in MYSQL on selection in a list box in a form. The procedure does not take any parameter or return any value. Like the example in Base Handbook the first level form has a “filter table” with a few fields, one linked with the main listbox. On saving the selection in the “filter table”, I wish to extract values from different tables and store these in other fields in the “filter table”. The procedure in MySQL does the job fine but how to call it from within the form. Yes a macro should do the job but all examples/code snippets appear to be calling more macros demanding parameters to be passed. My attempts to jury rig a macro to just call a procedure without passing parameters or asking for a return value run into a wall! Say my procedure is named getlastxval(), how to call it? or how to say “CALL getlastxval()”.

I did not wish to use a macro at first. Then, when I tried to run the “executeupdate”, (as given in base handbook) it wouldn’t go through. By trial and error I found that the version of MySQL I am using (latest) , does not call for file and field names to be put in double - double quotes.

By the way this was a part of another question I had asked which is also answered now.