To combine together multiple docs in master doc and sequence their footers in LO-5.0

Hello -

On Ubuntu 15.10 / LibreOffice

Been using LibreOffice for a while but a little new to managing Styles and Templates.

I searched through the forum but did not find answer to what I am looking for.

A description of my particular situation is as below.

I created a template to be used in different documents with similar content. Thus the template contains quite a few styles. I created the styles hierarchically such as Footer.Style and then Footer.Style.DocA and Footer.Style.DocB such that DocA and DocB can apply the style referred to by its respective name.

All that the child style changes, eg. by DocA or DocB is the color. Font, borders etc. are stored in the parent style Footer.Style.

Thus main body of template is blank. Has no information and the template is mainly used as a storage for styles.

Footer of the template has 2 lines:
2nd line has page number/count and applies the style Footer.Style.PageNumber.
Ist line of footer in template is blank. And applies the style Footer.Style.

In the document using the template, whether DocA or DocB, on this 1st line, I apply the style Footer.Style.DocA or Footer.Style.DocB, which only changes the color, from parent Footer.Style.

I want to combine these documents DocA and DocB in a Master Document. I create a Master Document Template to work from. When the documents are combined the footers from both documents completely disappears. No footer.

I would like to have the footer be sequenced by the 1st line in DocA and then then 2nd line from DocB and so on. The last line of the footer would be the page number / count with the the style Footer.Style.PageNumber, which is the 2nd line in footer in all the documents.

I believe that this can be done with a good Master Document design, but I am also trying to see if this can be a programmatic solution such as with the new release of PyUNO.

I can do a headless LO to pdf merge and kind of get what I need but each footer is only localized to the document being merged and so is the page number / count.

I wonder if LO-5.1 will be addressing this issue?

Thank you much for your help in resolving these matters.


Could you better explain your use case? Document are sequentially imported in a master. Consequently, for multi-page imports, the page contains only text from, say, DocA and your footer can logically be related only to DocA, not both, unless DocA is some kind of introductory text for several DocB documents.