Toggle review markup on/off

I received my manuscript back from the editor and she used MS Word’s review markup features to mark up the text. My job now is to work through the manuscript (using Libre Writer 7.1), accepting or rejecting her edits. Sometimes I need to simply rewrite an entire sentence. However, the document is in review mode where even simple changes I make are entered as marked-up text that still needs to be “accepted” or “rejected”. That’s both annoying and confusing. How do I toggle that mode off so I can do my edits and then toggle it back on so I can continue working through my editor’s markup?

Can that help?

Track Changes mode

There is a command to show the changes: Edit>Track Changes>Show.

Since there is no keyboard shortcut, it is quite annoying to leave the keyboard for the mouse when usage is intensive. So define a keyboard shortcut with Tools>Customize, Keyboard tab.