toolbar and menu icons show up incorrectly for LibreOffice v. 6.2.2 on Windows 10

Some of the icons on toolbars and menus show up incorrectly (see image). I checked the settings in >Tools>Options>View and everything seems ok. I tried different Icon Styles under >Tools>Options>View and nothing changes. I updated Java. I updated Windows. I uninstalled and reinstalled Libre Office. Nothing works. Anyone?

P.S. icons do display differently in Calc, Draw, Impress, Base, and Math. There are some icons that are wrong in all apps. There are some that are correct across all apps. There are some that are wrong in some, but not all, apps.

Try the checkmark at “Use OpenGL for all rendering” to remove.

Have you upgraded it from 6.1.3, where the problem begun? In which case that would be tdf#119020, fixed in 6.1.4 and later, but requiring to recet icon cache as mentioned in the bug’s comment 55.

@mikekaganski, thanks for the hint. Yes, I upgraded. I followed the advice in comment 55 and cleared the icon cache. ::bingo:: It worked. Thanks sir!