Toolbar color and icons

I recently upgraded to LO and the toolbar icons are horrible on my eyes. The dark gray icons on light gray background is difficult for me to see. Is there a way to change the icons on the toolbar back to color (or a previous version of LO)?

Running on MacBook Pro w/ Yosemite

Just found the setting for it. Preferences >LibreOffice>View> and change the icon style to something else.

Some of you may like that flat, 2 dimensional gray on gray look and meaningless icons. But my eyesight is not what it used to be and the gray on gray gives me a headache. Plus I prefer the old school icon shapes and graphics.

there is no ‘Preferences’ option on the Libreoffice toolbar nor is Libreoffice listed under Preferences in Ubuntu 14.04

Tools > Options > View > and change the icon style to something else.

Hello, in data 2018 Jan 06, on LibreOffice 5, I cannot find the Menu ‘Preferences’ in either Write nor Calc.
I’m new with LibreOffice (coming from OpenOffice), but since OpenOffice seems to have chosen to be as unfriendly as possible to setup on LinuxOS, I decided to go Libre.
Though the icon style hurts my eyes and feelings AND is difficult to spot since I tend to keep my desktop environment VERY dark.
Any help?..

In Writer: Tools → Options → LibreOffice → View → User Interface → Icon style. (LibreOffice version

I don’t have the points to upvote, but this is exactly what i was looking for. I changed my icons from Breeze Dark to Oxygen and they aren’t invisible any more. They were awful!