Toolbar custom icon problem

Only a quarter of each icon is visible. How can I fix this? I’ve tried with 26x26 and with 16x16 and both do the same thing. They display properly when first modified, but subsequently only the top left quarter displays.

In the “change icon” dialog, I see the butchered versions shown as “uno:ChangeCase…” images. Apparently the dialog is not doing the proper thing, and the help file doesn’t address the situation. Should I file a bug report? The is with LO version

You can try two more things.

  1. In the menu Extras>Options>View at “graphics output”, remember the settings and then disable OpenGL. Also test the other markers. You may have to restart LO.

  2. You can reset your user profile. Save the existing profile beforehand.

If none of this solves your problem, you should report an error on Bugzilla. Then add your information with the operating system do you used.

I had already tried toggling the OpenGL option in Tools>Options>View and it had no effect at all. Operating system is Xubuntu 16.04, up to date as of yesterday, and the options dialog notes that GL is disabled. I did not try ignoring the blacklist however.

However I seem to have found the fix. I was using Tango as the toolbar style and a search of the built-in icons shows that it has no ChangeCase command icons built in. Switching to Elementary, which does have, made things work as expected although I suspect it may be a subtle bug. Thanks for the comment!

IMHO it would be useful to give up an bug with the conditions mentioned. You can try it.

Tried to duplicate the problem on a second machine here, but couldn’t do so. It may well have been a misconfiguration of the original machine, or a damaged icon theme file. Since i could not duplicate it I’ll not file a bug report, just leave this question in case others have similar problems.

On UbuntuMate 18.04 with LO and WinXp with LO, toobar icons are rendered properly but must be defined for each size. i.e. Tools > Options > View > Toolbar icon size; small then modify icon for each item in the toolbar; then select size large and repeat icon modifications. This sort of works with LO on W10. If icons are assigned for both small and large then they do render completely but only at small size even on option large. This is better than the useless corner image. The toolbar icon mechanism deteriorates further with LO (tested on W7). This requires that the icons be imported while option is large but then renders them small. Changing to option small shows only names in the toolbar and the mechanism refuses to to assign icons for option small. This thing is only getting worse. LO should return to the code used in version…

All versions of LO in Windows after screw up user-defined toolbar icons in one way or another by producing bad toolbar image files. I haven’t tested newer releases in Linux. The only remedy is to replace these with files produced by or created by hand. The files are located in
where {appdata} is C:\Users\name\AppData\Roaming in Windows and ~/.config in Linux and {app} is the module, e.g. swriter, in which the toolbar is used.

The large icon toolbar image file is called lc_userimages.png and the small sc_userimages.png. These simply concatenate the icon images, which are 26x26 px for large and 16x16 px for small. Borders are not included. The program dissects this on 26 or 16 px boundaries to display the toolbar. A large icon toolbar image has height 26 px and width 26 px times number of icons, while a small is 16 by 16 x icons. If you are already making your own icons, combining them into a toolbar image is a simple additional step, especially with a powerful image editor like Gimp. I haven’t tried it but imagine that LO Draw can also do this. If using existing icons that are larger than 26x26 or 16x16 you may be able to sequentially overlap them but I haven’t tested this. For smaller icons, it is helpful if the image background is transparent. Gimp can scale images to the required size (something that LO does very well). Hand-crafted images at the proper size will usually be better.

Although you have to produce individually the toolbar image files for different icons sizes, you can save a little effort in LO’s Tools > Customize > Toolbars by creating only one size and copying it with a trivial modification. The large and small toolbar definition files are lc_imagelist.xml and sc_imagelist.xml located in the parent (images) directory of Bitmaps. They differ in only one statement, xlink:href = “Bitmaps/lc_userimages.png” vs. sc_userimages.png.