Toolbar icons messed up during migration 3.6.6 to 4.0.3

I migrated from to and the toolbar icons in Writer, Calc, and Impressed messed up. Mainly unused icons popped up and few used ones do not show up.

OS: XP Prof / SP3

I had installed and run installation of without un-installing the older version.

I have a copy of my old user profile folder.

The ones marked in red frames popped up but were not used in the older LibO version.

Is there a way to replace the current icons with the old ones without modifying each toolbar icon by icon?

Thanks in advance for hints!

If you had custom toolbar icons they should be stored under:

Application Data\LibreOffice\4\user\config\soffice.cfg\modules\<module_name>\toolbar\

… or \3\ in the old profile. Perhaps try removing the registrymodifications.xcu file and starting v4.0 to create a new one and see if that fixes it?

As to why this happened … who knows? It appears to relate to fdo#57061 although this was apparently fixed. There is a lot of interesting information about the User Profile in the comments.

@oweng - Thanks for the information I tried your hints and was successful

First I tried to replace the entire “4” folder by the renamed “3” folder ( a brut force way I read in the bug report fd0#57061. It did not work.

Then I deleted the registrymodifications.xcu but this too was not successful.

Next I followed your advice with the toolbar folders in each module folder. I replaced the the toolbar-folder of swriter, scalc, simpress. In the “4” folder there are not more folders of this type. However in “3” there are swriter, scalc, simpress, and schart, sglobal, smath, sweb. I assume this has to do with the fact that I did neither opened yet Base nor Math. Also I have not yet used charts. But the content of sglobal is still unclear to me. I had my old toolbars back.

So far the only “collateral damages” caused by the migration is the loss of simple macro in writer and the customized color settings. And I the setting of the Writer default page format changed from A4 to Letter. Should you have a hint for Letter → A4 I appreciate it.

In my v4.0 modules/ directory here I have: BasicIDE, scalc, schart, sdraw, sglobal, simpress, smath, StartModule, and swriter, although whether that is because I have used these components I don’t know. You macros are stored in the basic/ directory of the User Profile. You will have to set the page size in a template (Format > Page…) and then set that template as your default.

@oweng - thanks for your help! A lot went wrong with the migration. I filed some bug reports and decided to move back to 3.6.6 just by playing back the image of my system drive I created immediately before migrating to 4.0.3. I will know do some test with the portable version of 4.0.3 and then reconsider to upgrade my “production” LibO.

I wonder if it would be better to first uninstall 3.6.6, make a new installation of 4.0.3, copy toolbar and macro folders over, and adjust settings.

I always uninstall any old copy before re-installing a new version, especially when upgrading across a major version boundary. I don’t care what the instructions state. It is simply cleaner and there is less that can go wrong. Limiting possibility always improves the likelihood of success.

Thanks for this valuable reply! I hope to create some time over the weekend!

@oweng - Are there special files which need to be removed manually after doing a normal uninstall? (All files and folder under LibreOffice/3 I will copy to a safe place before uninstallation.)

Probably not, and certainly not for MacOS or GNU/Linux, although I do not spend much time in Windows these days. The Windows registry is something I have never liked and have developed an inherent distrust of. A registry cleaning tool can assist with removing stubs and cruft, although how important this is remains debatable.

Thanks for the hint with the registry. I will try to get a tool.

Good to know that you are also a Mac expert. I recently installed LibO on my wife’s Mac. She was surprised how easy it is to work with Calc; other applications not yet used by her.