Toolbars Won't Reappear

I am running Base on ubuntu 12.04. I turned off some of the forms design features and now can’t turn them back on. I have tried View/Toolbars but nothing happens. How do I get the toolbars to reappear?

I happened to remember an article I read on the OMG Ubuntu web site called ‘10 Things to Do after Installing Ubuntu 12.04’. It recommended installing LibreOffice Global Menu
to integrate better with the unity menu behavior. Unfortunately, it also “breaks” the View/Toolbars functionality. I deinstalled it and things work fine now.

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This is hard to answer since you don’t tell which features you’re missing. There are four toolbars available in the “Customize” dialogue:

  • Form Controls
  • Form Design
  • Form Filter
  • Form Navigation

Menu “View” → “Toolbars” has three entries respective:

  • Form Controls
  • Form Design
  • Form Navigation (contains Filter)

From the “Form Controls” toolbar, you can reach another Toolbar with “More Controls”. Maybe you’re missing that “More Controls” Toolbar? Here’s a screenshot of the “Form Controls” toolbar with the buttons for “More Controls” and “Form Design”: