Tools - Options dialogs truncated in on XFCE


All the dialogs under Tools Options are truncated (the lower part isn’t displayed) while running XFCE 4.10 on both Fedora 19 and Ubuntu 13.04. This problem isn’t there in Unity; only in XFCE. GT2/3 themes are installed and GTK3 apps such as rhythmbox look OK. Is there any solution for this?


I’m using Linux Mint 13 Xfce (4.10) at the moment. This is the only dialog where I get any truncation (note bottom of window):

(Click for a full-sized image.) This is pretty trivial, but I take it that the problem more severe for you.

What “theme” are you using? font settings? are they common across your various installs? (I use “Greybird” and Ubuntu 10 as default font, FWIW.) What adjustments have you attempted? (Settings Manager > Appearance > Fonts, etc.)


My problem’s been with Load/Save where the Save default as options are hidden. This happens with pretty much every theme, worse with some better with others. Font size, usually I go with 8 pt Droid Sans or Liberation Sans. My guess is this is something to do with Libreoffice 4’s move towards GTK3 (even though it’s supposed to be experimental) since it works fine with Unity.


Very odd – I just took a look at my “Load/Save” screens: none of them are even close to being truncated. And if you’re using fonts at 8pt (especially with Liberation Sans), that should be smaller than my setting. There must be something to do with the interaction of the DE and the distro, as clearly we’re experiencing things quite differently. I’m on LibO btw – there seems to be enough glitches in 4.1 that I have resisted upgrading just now.

P.s. @Prashant - could you post a screen shot of your worst affected screens? That would help us to know the kind of difficulty you’re facing. Thanks!

Hi, David,

It appears to be a problem with 4.1. I did a fresh install and 4.02 works fine. Fedora 19 ships with 4.1 by default and I’d upgraded to it by PPA in Ubuntu. Thanks for the help.