Tools>Options>LibreOffice>View>Graphics Output configured differently for different user


I’ve run into a couple issues, one that apparently is known and a second that I don’t find mentioned elsewhere. I’ll start with the second.

LibreOffice (x64)
Windows 10, HP Zbook

The short story is that I created a 2nd user on my machine and the Tools>Options>LibreOffice>View>Graphics Output settings were configured differently. I know I installed LibreOffice on the 1st account; I don’t recall if that was before or after creating the 2nd account. However, I ran the install program>repair in the 1st account and again in the 2nd account, and the settings were different. In the 1st account, Use hardware acceleration was unchecked, and the 3 others were all checked (Use anti-aliasing, Use Skia, Force Skia). In the 2nd, Use hardware acceleration, Use anti-aliasing, Use Skia were checked, Force Skia was unchecked.

The longer story is my finding this because of the 1st issue I ran into, which is that Impress slides presenting full-screen won’t update with the settings the 2nd user had. None of the machine’s users ventured into any of these settings and it was a bear to figure out why presenting was working for one user but not another. I’ve seen a closed question indicating that disabling hardware acceleration fixes the problem, which is how the 1st user was configured. It’d be nice if the configuration for additional users worked right.


you seem to mix up 2 things.

[1] Software Installation

Software generally (i.e. without any special measures) installs once “per system” into a system directory, which in Windows 10 is %ProgramFiles% (i.e matching to C:\Program Files on almost all standard installation; %ProgramFiles%\LibreOffice for LibreOffice installations). That’s also how LibreOffice works using standard installation procedures. Re-installing / Repair action on that installation does not affect [2], regardless of the (permitted) user performing this action.

[2] User Settings of the Software (User Profile)

User settings for a software generally is done per user (which on Windows 10 is in %appdata%, just type that string into Windows File Explorer’s address bar). For LibreOffice the path is %appdata%\LibreOffice\4. This way, each user can have his/her own settings based on own preferences. In case of LibreOffice this part of the user configuration is being called “LibreOffice User Profile”.

And to be absolutely clear: This is intended behavior and fundamental to multi-user system design.


And to make the story short: Adapt the settings in Tools -> Options of user 2 (while logged in as user 2 and running LibreOffice) to match the settings of user 1, to have the same behavior for both users.

Hope that helps.