Topic response by email

Notifications say “Visit Topic or reply to this email to respond.” but the system does not accept a reply to the email.

It does (hereby replying by email). Note that the notification uses
From: but that’s not the address to reply
to. Instead, you need to use reply+$ The
notification message sets the latter as Reply-To address, so on most
email clients hitting the ‘Reply’ button should work. Note also that
there is an (intentional) delay of a few minutes for email notifications
as well as incoming emails.

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Well the email didn’t bounce but on the other hand I don’t see it here as a reply either.

Where did you send that reply to? There are AFAICT only two incoming messages from your address, yesterday at 13:04 resp. 23:09 UTC, and they were both sent to noreply@ (and were rightfully 554 REJECTed on our Mail eXchanger). Moreover the host you’re sending from is discouraged for your domain (SPF softfail) — but that’s not what causes the rejection here.

If you replied to the aforementioned reply address and your message didn’t make it to AskLibO, then please try again with so we can have a look.

I replied by email to the above. Once again, no bounce and no record here of the email response. I CC’d hostmaster on that reply.

If there are any other Thunderbird users out there apparently a recent upgrade to Thunderbird has fubared the functionality of the reply-to header. The workaround is to hit Reply All and then delete the noreply@ address.


Just to confirm my phone works properly…