Torrent not authorized

I am trying this question again because the first one somehow got defined as Arabic language.

I am trying to download the latest version, but the torrents all return the error Tracker: [Failure reason “requested download is not authorized for use with this tracker”]

I have downloaded the last several versions this way and continue to seed the previous version 5.2.1 on my seedbox with no problems.

Hi, not an answer but just to confirm I have been experiencing the same issue using Transmission in Fedora Linux. The tracker seems to be broken for all LibreOffice downloads at present. It has happened with 5.2.2 and also now the RC files today.

I use the main english rpm (x86_64) file plus the GB language and help packs. All have this error message.

Are the torrent trackers still actively maintained and if so, who do we need to inform about this issue to get it fixed?

I’ve mailed the infrastructure email address about this and also Italo Vignoli. One or other seems to have done the trick and the torrents are now working as they should be.