Totally lost as a newbie (looking for extensions)

I found and downloaded LO then began looking for extensions. I had to create an account. Okay, got the email and responded normally. Now it requires a password change over and over again. There’s no way to get past this I can see.

Funny thing, This forum let me login automatically with no problem. Why the problem with extensions and how do I fix it?

You need an account for uploading extensions but not for downloading.
The same account is valid for posting to this forum.

You might find it easier to find extensions if you click Tools > Extension Manager and then click on the link Get more extensions online. It will take you to which is what you can put in the address bar of your browser anyway.
The link on the main site,, is under Discover

Thanks for both suggestions.

Part of my problem was unfamiliarity with the page layouts for extensions. Once at the extensions link it began to work for me.