totals in base report

I made a querry in base to keep track of my model railroad kits. The quarry has kit name , manfacturer name , price then just a check box for built. I am now trying to make a report off the querry to total all the prices into a grand total.

When I add the text box in the footer and name it Grand Total. I goto the properties and select function and then I do not have any data fields.

So I move my new text box to the detail section then I can pick price. The video I was watching somehow the guy was able to pick for the function accumilation and it worked fine. I do not get that choice.

Then I tried to pick function as the data type and I can not get any datafields.

Please help

I thought I read somewhere that the header and footers are not data aware, except for things like page number.

@EasyTrieve headers and footers are essential to placing data fields for grouping and totaling purposes. Without that, report builder would be worthless.

I haven’t been able to duplicate your problem. No matter what is tried there is always a selection of fields. Attached is a very simple sample with a total of the ID numbers with the hope you may discover where your problem lies.

Sample: ExampleRowColors.odb

Thank You I see what I Did wrong