Touch friendly layout

Sir I am using windows 10 powered Tablet PC so I am facing troubles with Libreoffice. Why it’s not touch friendly like Microsoft office 365

Maybe you should have a look at collabora office, wich is a variant of LibreOffice to work in the cloud.

LibreOffice has a long history of development for the desktop and it is no little task to make this accessible on smaller screens for fingers less precise as mouse-pointers.

So this additions take time and money (you surely have already donated something as users of MS are usually “required” also…)

And not everybody thinks this is a useful direction of work anyway…

I am using windows. It’s asking for money or try trial. I am not able to do that.

As YOU compared to MS 365
Sarcasm on:
Luckily you will never experience this from Microsoft…

mister @Wanderer

I didn’t feel it as sarcasm. Because it available free of cost with only if you have an account in live (including hotmail, outlook)

if I able to spend more money I will definitely buy only 365

A keyboard and mouse to work with a tablet will likely cost less than Office 365 for the first year.

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