Track changes customization in Writer


I find it very difficult to work with the track changes function in Writer, in particular, to accept or reject changes on an individual level. I work on a laptop, and the popup window (for navigating through changcs) cannot be resized – it occupies valuable screen estate and makes it difficult to read the text of the document and be able to make a decision on whether to accept or rejct a change in the first place.

Activating the menu with track changes function only gets me a button for accepting or rejecting a single change, or all changes – but there’s no function to deal with a single change and then automatically move to the next one.

None of the track changes functions show up in keyboard customization, as commands that could be tied to a keyboard shortcut.

If there are any workarounds to make this process more user-friendly, please let me know. It’s really a nuisance to edit in LibreOffice this way.

You can use the Track Changes tool bar (View > Toolbars > Track Changes). Also you can activate the experimental features Tools > Options > LibreOffice > Advanced and then check Enable experimental features (can be unstable) then you have a new tab on the Sidebar which is related to manage changes

Thanks! The Toolbar doesn’t help much, but the sidebar option generated by activating experimental features is a great improvement!