Track changes

If I have a Word doc with tracked changes, can I continue working with track changes in Libre Office?
In other words, if I am asked to present a Word doc with tracked changes, can I use Libre Office to generate the Word doc and include the tracked changes?

Yes, LibreOffice can track changes as well.

Activate/Disable tracking with Edit|Changes → Record Use the other items in the same menu to hide/show them into the document and to permanently accept/reject them.

This is the first time that I have missed the M$Office ribbon.

I generally HATE the ribbon, prefered Office 2000 and am using Libre partly because of its lack of ribbon but in this one instance, since the act of reviewing a text is rather different to creating one, the ability to jump to a special top bar (ribbon) with all the functions that are associated with reviewing in one place is quite useful.

Thank you!