Transfer database connection settings to new profile?

I’m setting up a new Mac. My old Mac has a bunch of database connections registered (to spreadsheet files on a network drive, same links) that I’d like to keep. How can I transfer those connections to my new libreoffice profile?

I don’t want to transfer the whole profile, just the db registry settings.

So, with a little grepping, I figured it out.

DB registrations are kept in the file registrymodifications.xcu, which (on Mac) is found in the /Users/[username]/Library/Application Support/LibreOffice/4/ directory.

This file contains a bunch of user settings, so I just copied out all of the entries starting with and pasted them into my new registrymodifications.xcu file.

(Be sure to back up your files before doing anything, and don’t blame me for hosing your profile :slight_smile: