Transferring charts from calc to writer

i use to use the microsoft office format until i found out it was utterly corrupted and didn’t work as well as it should. but i found out today the .odt format is as well. i was making a graph yesturday and transfered it off to writer saved it and the next day i noticed that all all the numbers on the y-axis are gone, i tried tranfering it again but the same thing happens all the numbers on the y-axis are basically gone, well there not gone there just all zeros, please help.
i am using .odt format for both calc and writer and using windows 8. using libreoffice Version (Build ID: 0eaa50a932c8f2199a615e1eb30f7ac74279539)

There are some bugs related to copying diagrams into Writer which have bit me as well. The easiest workaround is to Edit → Paste special and pick GDI graphics object. This pastes the graphs in vector image format, which makes it not editable but ensures it prints fine and never changes. I hope this helps you.

thanks for that mate. so until the bugs fixed i’ll just have to do that.

Actually in 4.1.3 even this messes with my formats: values on the horizontal axis are not in % anymore

Same as Andy: Formats are messed up, although I choose GDI.

@KD1 - I made a test using a chart created in LibO I opened the file in and copied over to Writer. Unfortunately the chart could not be copied. The date format (x-axis) lost the format completely. Currently I have not found a cure in

However, I am also running and there pasting by ctrl+v and Star Object gave a perfect result. Pasting as a GDI file the right border of the pasted chart doesn’t show. Thus, if you have a still a version running, it could be the solution until the 4.version has a bug fix.

@mahfiaz - which LibO version did you use?

I added my test results to fdo#61805

@ROSt53, I use the latest, using occasional GDI has worked for me without glitches so far.

@mahfiaz - your results and mine might create some headaches for our devs. If not done already, you might also add your results to the bug report fdo#61805.