Transferring rows to new sheets with sorting by dates


Task: transfer rows to new sheets, each sheet is one date which is specified in column A.

This is an example of a source document with a table:

And this is roughly how the document should look like after applying the macro:

Note 1: without using Conditional Formatting, only the Macro is needed.

Note 2: if possible without entering dates into the Macro.

Note 3: this table is just an example, the real table has hundreds of rows and dozens of columns, but always in column A is the date in the format as in the example.

Note 4: is using LibreOffice on Windows 8.1 if it matters.

Table before applying Macro (22.7 KB)
Table after applying Macro (13.4 KB)

Thanks in advance.

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@JohnSUN Thanks for the tip on resolving this question, I adapted the code to my needs and it works very good.

All the best to you. :pray:

Link to the solution