Transition from MS Word/MS Excel to LO Writer/LO Calc


I would like to transition some files from MS Word (.docx) and MS Excel (.xlsx) to LibreOffice Writer (.odt) and LibreOffice Calc (.ods).

I would like to preserve as much of the special formatting of the MS files as possible. With this in mind, which of the two conversion processes should I use?

#1: Open each of the files in either MS Word (.docx) or MS Excel (.xlsx), then save the file as either a LibreOffice Writer (.odt) file or LibreOffice Calc (.ods) file.

#2: Open the MS Word (.docx) file directly into LibreOffice Writer, then save the (.docx) file as a (.odt) file. Similarly, open the MS Excel (.xlsx) file directly into LibreOffice Calc, then save the (.xlsx) file as a (.ods) file.

Please advise. Thank you very much! Take care…

I’ll give my personal opinion on your questions here.
I would use the file formats used in MS because MS-Office may not produce clean ODF files. LibreOffice has very good filters to deal with most MS-Office format specifications. (#2:)

First of all, work only with copies of your original files in LibreOffice. You can open the copies with LibreOffice and see if there are any differences that you may need to rework.

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