Translation error, Opening PDF created by Apple Pages Export

Workflow: Open MS Word doc in Apple Pages, Export as PDF. Then, Open that PDF in Libre Office.

Problem: The PDF opens with “spelling” errors, some characters are mis-translated. A single lower case “t” becomes “7”, and a double lower case “t” (“tt”) becomes “J”, but not always. Also, certain common words are marked as miss-spelled, so I suspect there’s a problem behind the displayed character.

This is my first post here. I’m just an occasional LibreOffice user. I use LibreOffice whenever I run into a missing feature or a document version compatibility issue with a Mac app. In this case, I was looking for a workaround for the deleted feature of font color transparency adjustment in Preview Markup. I’ve thought of a workaround for that, but still thought I should report the error opening the Pages PDF Export. -Thanks

Duplicate of 256720/translation-error-opening-pdf-created-by-apple-pages-export/

Don’t post twice. Delete this instance.

This is exactly the kind of confusion you could create: someone deleted the other instance while I was commenting on it requesting more information! Consequently I reopened this one.

Here are my questions (update your description with the edit link):

  • LO version
  • OS name (MacOS X? which version?)
  • original document: .doc or .docx?
  • are you sure Apple Pages correctly imports the M$ Word document and exports to PDF errorless?
  • in case doc was created on another computer, are the same fonts installed?

Eventually attach a 1-page PDF sample file to rule out encoding issues