Translation to VB6


I’m translating a number of VB6 packages, created around Excel, so that they work with LO.

I can change

Dim var As New (from LO Basic)


Dim var

Set var = loSM.Bridge_GetStruct(“”), which works OK in VB6.

However, changing Dim CellRangeAddress As New to
Dim CellRangeAddress

Set CellRangeAddress = loSM.Bridge_GetStruct(“”), generates an automation error

and similarly with CellAddress.

Any help appreciated

W7 Professional, LO

If loSM it’s a valid instance for ServiceManager, then, change Table for table:

Set SM = CreateObject("")
Set cell = SM.Bridge_GetStruct("")    
MsgBox cell.Sheet

image description

Thank you mauricio. I must remember that this area is case sensative.,