Transparency tool


I’ve inserted a Text Box Insert>Form Control>Text Box (this seems to be the only way to insert a text box and be able to use Tools>Forms>Control Properties)

But now I can’t use the Transparency Tool or find any other way to make it transparent.
When I click Shape>Transformations Transparency tool is grey.

Any ideas as to how to make this text box transparent would be appreciated. If it helps, according to Navigator it’s a Shape (Control)

Thank you!


Thank you! I thought I had used the transparency tool before but I just looked back and noticed that in the past I simply made sure the text box was above the line.

Previously I positioned the text at the bottom on the text box and it was close to the line. Now, even though I’ve selected Bottom in the Forms Control Properties, it’s still not as close to the bottom as before. But it will have to do.

Thanks for your help!