Transposing, copypasting formulas messes their references

Whenever in Calc I try to copy a series of cells with formulas and try to transpose it, the references get broken.

I copied a column of references to another page in the sheet, and transposed either directly with Paste>Transpose or through the Special Paste (Ctrl-Shift-V) menu. The result is that the formulas break with reference errors. The funny part is, CUTTING AND THEN PASTING WITH TRANSPOSE WORKS AS EXPECTED. Copy-Transpose gives you nothing, Cutting-Transpose properly mantains the formuals as they are and transposes those cells.

When I copy and paste cells with formulas without transposing, the formulas’ values change. I can’t modify their contents with the $absolute modifiers, because I already used those within those formulas deliberately only on certain parts of them for other purposes.

Why is copying and pasting this counterintuitive and limiting, but cutting and pasting (or dragging and dropping) works as one would expect?

Cut the source range, paste transposing, copy the destination range, undo paste, undo cut, and paste (normal) in the destination range. Problem solved.

Tested with LibreOffice on Windows 10.

Select top-left target cell.
=TRANSPOSE(source_ref) [Ctrl+Shift+Enter]
Copy, Paste-Special values

Edit: This is not the wanted solution because the result is the same as paste-special values + transpose option (references get lost). However, the TRANSPOSE range keeps its own reference to the source range