"Trend Lines" greyed Out

I have a simple data set of approximately 100 pairs of floating point values. The Calc program reads these data and plots it as an X-Y scatter plot correctly.

I want to test some different functions and get the idea from the Help that this is possible. However, when I try to insert a Trend line, from the insert menu that feature is greyed out.

I am using Windows 8.1 with LibreOffice I am probably misintrepting the help information on this feature, so is there some step that is implied but not explicit?

Thanks for any help.

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Select the plotted data series first in the diagramm by clicking on it. You then can also go via the context menue.

Thank you for your answer. I had been just double clicking on the background of the plot. When I double clicked on the data line on the plot, Trend Lines were no longer grey out.

None of the canned expression fit my data well and I will try to learn to use the context menu with an expression of my choosing.

Thanks! Someone should correct Trend Lines - LibreOffice Help but I don’t know how to make/propose edits https://wiki.documentfoundation.org/Talk:Development/Wikihelp#Editability