Tried installing LibreOffice and it is stuck and I've waited five hours

I’m trying to help a friend set up his computer. Unfortunately, it is in Spanish so that is a challenge for me.
The laptop is a Compaq 64-bit running Windows 8.1. It has 2g memory and a 500gb hard drive with plenty of space.
I downloaded LibreOffice and tried installing it and it failed. It took me back to the website and then it downloaded a huge file (260mb or more) and it took about 12 hours to download because of the slow internet connection.
Then I tried to install the large file. It gets to less than 20% stalled and it hangs. Then I canceled the install and rebooted and tried the install with the large file again. I waited two hours the first time and now I’ve waited five hours and am out of patience.
In Task Manager, it does not show any CPU usage.
What do I have to do to get this to load? The file I originally downloaded was supposedly in Spanish. I don’t know about the huge file and I don’t know if the language would make a difference in the install or not.
I just know I need help. Thanks so much.

I kept trying to install this over and over. Yes, I know that’s a sign of insanity. :slight_smile:
Finally, I turned off all the Anti-virus and protection software. Then tried it again. This time, it went through validating the installation and registering the components. It asked if it could make changes to the computer and I said yes. Then I got a message saying that the process was interrupted before it completed and it didn’t change the system and I should click on Finalize and try later.
So what else can I do? I really am out of ideas to try. This install should not be this difficult.

Please take a look at this FAQ. Maybe you have issues with Windows Update? Something also related to slow Internet connection? Otherwise, please check the last section there, telling how to create an install log.