Trouble installing LO

I have installed LO recently on a fedora 17 system, upgrading a previous LO installation. I don know why, but the new version only runs for root user. Does any body knows why?

What is the error message you get when run by non-root?

There is no error message. That’s odd, but the thing is that when I try to start any of LO’s apps (thru icon links or using the soffice shell script from command line), it opens the main window for a few seconds and then it closes by itself. No messages of any kind are thrown.

This sounds like it may be bug fdo#67388 again. I would start by checking your file/directory permissions, both under the install location and in your user profile. It may be that a particular install has been distributed with incorrect permissions set.

I am looking it now, but the thing is that the owner is root, the group is root too. The permissions seems to allow execute to all users. In fact, the application starts, but once it is starting it shuts down by itself. I mean, it doesn’t seems to be a linux permission’s issue.

Can you rename/delete your LibreOffice user profile
and try to run again. Maybe yo have a corrupted profile.

You were right! Thanks for your help.