Trouble typing in table

I am trying to make a flyer with tear off phone numbers at the bottom. The inserted table at the bottom of the page is not allowing me to type font. It shows up but it’s cut off and I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong.I’ve tried making the font bigger and smaller and nothing is working

Could it be that the tearoffs table goes outside of the printer’s printable area? If that is the case, you should have gotten a warning message when printing, to the effect that “there is document content outside the printable area”. This message does not always appear, though.

Where I work, our best printers are Konica/Minolta multifunction beasts which have a minimum margin of 5 mm (just short of 1/4") on all edges. They make those posters down at the office now and then. Their backup printer is a shorter walk away (5-6 paces) and has a minimum top/left/right margin of 2 mm, but 18 mm bottom edge. Would you guess that I have heard about “cut off tearoffs” a couple of times when someone couldn’t be bothered to walk another mile (not even a rod) :wink:

@Poisongirl61685, Click edit below your question and use the paper clip to upload a sample file with the table at the bottom (remove all sensible data before).