Trying to create a BLANK cell when other cells are empty

MS Windows 8.1
LibreCalc V4.3.0.4

Trying to create a BLANK cell if other cells are empty
Using 3 nested “IF”'s
Getting Err:504
The problem seems to lie with the third IF statement. Any suggestions?

Stephan Kassner

You could update to There likely will be another RC for 4.3 soon, too.

Please insert code as code. It will possibly not be readable otherwise.
You may edit your question with this regard to get it clear.

A cell containing a formula cannot be blank by definition. Next to blank should be the empty string (0 characters) and this should serve the purposes in most cases.

The alternative part of your first if (nested first level) seems to be IF(E12<e11,$e$3,$e$2,if(e12=0,"")). (Why lower casel letters in references?) The IfYesPart is $E$3, the OtherwisePart is $E$2 and the following ,if(e12=0,"") is a (faulty) fourth parameter the IF() function cannot accept.

Thanks Lupp!

I THINK I got it!