Trying to enable Writer2Latex--extension manager error

On my MacBook Pro, OS 10.11.6:

I just installed LibreOffice, and tried to enable the extension Writer2Latex, which I have used before in previous versions. When I click on the enable button, I get the error message is “Could not create Java implementation loader” . I think this has to do with configuring to find the current Java runtime, but I don’t see where to do that. A message about this popped up while installing the new LibreOffice, but disappeared before I could read it completely. I hope there is already an answer to this problem. Any help appreciated.

I found the answer in the LibreOffice Help Website by searching for “Java”. I needed to go to LibreOffice/Preferences/LibreOffice/Advanced and select one of the installed Java Runtime Environments, then quit everything but LibreOffice, then run the install and Enable, then restart LibreOffice. Seems to be working.