Trying to set up formula in LibreOffice Base report

I made a database for all my submitted job applications and I’m tracking two things in a dynamic report: interview count and an interview rate. The interview rate is the percentage of job applications I got an interview from. I use to track this data in a spreadsheet. In the spreadsheet, I used this formula to determine the interview rate:

=(SUM(E2:E1000) / COUNTIF(A2:A1000, "*")) * 100

Row E has an “interviewed” section with a value of either 0 or 1 (1 being I had an interview) and Row A has a company name. This formula sums up Row E, divides it by the number of all Row A cells that have a value in it, then multiplies by 100. This worked fine in Calc, but now that I’m using Base, it’s a bit trickier. Any help would be much appreciated.

Which database do you use together with the Base file? Internal HSQLDB? Then: Don’t use functions of Report Builder, use functions in a query instead.

I’m using a local dbase file I made from my spreadsheet.

So SQL-functions won’t work for this. You will need Report Generator.

Please add a little example, only some rows with different values as dBase-file. So I could test which function will be the best for your task. Might be good to see which is the expected result for the rows of the little example.

Here’s an example. I included some of my applications with their interview values. Please let me know if you’re able to download it.

Have downloaded the file. Should be result 31,25%, right?

Open a report.
Add a Textbox. Choose Data → Function → Sum for the field INTERVIEWE in the whole report.
Add a second Textbox. Choose Data → Counter for the whole report.
These are the 2 values you will need.

And here is the code, which I combine in Germany to get the right result. Must be formatted as percent:


Might be in English:


Sorry for the late reply. Got it working with your suggestion. Thanks!