Trying to update Libre does not work, what needs to be done?

I get noticers saying there is an update for the Libre Office that came with 2/*/16 HP Desktop PC. When I try to update nothing happens. What is wrong?

Please retag your question. Tag meta deals with issues for the AskLO site. Replace it with common as this problem affects all LO components.

You will be notified when a newer version has been published, but there is not a full featured Update function in the LibreOffice. At least it is true on Windows.

You need to download, and install the newer version manually.

Sometimes it is better to FULLY uninstall the older version, before you install the newer one. Full uninstall: Delete (manally) the rest parts from the program directory and from the User profile after a regular uninstall procedure.

(Edit: changed ‘noticed’ to ‘notified’ -AK)