Trying to use embedded Firebird. How do I update engine?

I “believe” that Firebird is The Future. But it isn’t being friendly for this (experienced) user yet.

I wondered… am I using latest version? I update my Libre Office from time to time. Will that, on it’s own, update whatever’s needed for the EMBEDDED use of Firebird? (Or should I say “… for using Firebird-embedded?”)

Do I need to update my Firebird separately, as I do my Java RTE, for instance?


If you are using LO v7.x you most likely have the current version. Heard there was a minor upgrade in process but should not affect use. Upgrades are encompassed in the LO release. If you want to upgrade yourself you would need to get the source code, modify it and compile.

It was removed as the default (current versions need Advanced features on to create new Firebird embedded files) since many users cannot yet easily incorporate/convert from HSQLDB embedded. For the most part things work but initial use/conversion may require workarounds. Many of these workarounds are posted on this site - search Firebird.