Turn database into an application

Afternoon everyone, im doing this project using LO base, I have some tables and some reports on it, I want to create an easier way to acces them for the final user, using some kind of menu, or navigation bar, making it more simple to switch between reports and tables, but it has to be separated from forms.

If it is possible to create this menu thing, is there a way to start it right when I open the database?

Sorry if its a little confusing, I know its a weird request, cause I didnt find anyone asking for this on other posts. I just need it because I’m not the one who will be using the database, so it need to be in the most intuitive and easy way possible. Thanks.

Note: Im already using a macro that closes the current form and open another, but I want it outside of the forms, like I said, a menu or navigation bar.

This is not a database development suite. It is a tiny addition to this office suite with a footprint of about 40 MB including several database drivers.
You can open embedded forms and reports by means of simple macros and push buttons.
You can convert embedded forms into stand-alone Writer documents.
AFAIK, reports can not exist outside the Base container.

Is there a way to do something like I want? Using like, dialog boxes in the macros?

It’s not as easy as with MS Access.