Turn uppercase chapter name to normalcase on header

I have all the chapter names (Heading 1) in uppercase. But in headers, I want them to be in normalcase.

For example:

Chapter name (Heading 1): THE FIRST CHAPTER
Header: The First Chapter

I’ve known how to add chapter name to header. But how can I achieve that? Thank you.

Use the possibilities offered by styles. Styles can alter casing when displaying text.

I would recommend to always type your headings in normal case like "The first chapter* (note words are lowercase except the initial one).

Customise Heading 1 paragraph style, Font Effects tab, through the Effects Case: menu, selecting UPPERCASE.

Headers are styled Header. Apply the same kind of change, selecting Capitalize Every Word for title case effect (which is not “normal case”).


Sorry. I don’t know how to use this feature. Can you point me to related info?
Found it under Font Effects.
About my state of assumed knowledge concerning changes of letter case:

  • The case related functionality under >Format>Text is wrongly placed there.
  • Usage of one of the 6 respective menu items changes content, not just its formatting.
    (An “A” is U+0041 while an “a” is U+0061. This is different content.)

Learned something: The implementation is even more inconsistent than I already knew.
“a” can remain U+0061 though shown as “A” with unchanged height (not “smallcaps”).
Why in this case? “Compatibilty”?
Where there aren’t applied consistent concepts, it may be very difficult to learn and even impossible to understand.

I guess this is one reason why @Ajlittoz specifically advised the use of styles, not direct formatting.

@phapduyen, laying out the suggestion in more detail, in case you have not located it:

  • To work with styles, use the A tool in the right sidebar (or press function key F11)
  • Select the leftmost of the top tool icons in that sidebar to work with paragraph styles.
  • Find Heading 1 and Header in the list, right click and select Edit…
  • Find the relevant options in the Font Effects tab. Make changes to have the chapter name rendered to your liking. For Heading 1 and Header, the rendering will be altered in chapter heading and page header, respectively.

The case transformationsavailable under Format>Text>… are “physical” transformations of the text, not formatting, the same as those you can have in text editor. This is where inconsistency happens as pointed out by @Lupp. The other actions in this menu are direct formatting, i.e. they affect how text is rendered without change to contents.

This illustrates once again why documents should be explicitly styled, without direct formatting, in order to achieve predictable, reliable and intended formatting and layout.

Unfortunately, Word has spread the legend that direct formatting is “intuitive” and users don’t read manuals when they start using an application. This prevents a strong approach where Writer could be driven only by strict and consistent styling approach.


Thank you @ajlittoz and @keme1 for your help. Sorry for the late reply.