Two columns values


I have two columns with numbers, lets say column “P” and “Q”. (loads of rows)
Now I want to filter the data, so that “Q” column will have ONLY values smaller or equal to those in column “P”.
So if in row 2; “Q” is of value 3 and column “P” of the same row will have a value of 2, it will filter it out.

Final data would be those rows of column P and Q where this “correlation” or values of Q smaller or equals to P in the same row.

If i go Standard filter I cant change Value to Column, if you know what I mean.
Do i need to use any function?


libreOffice Calc

You can do it with advanced filter, because it take the filter from a range of cells, and in those cell you can set up the correlation.
In the help there is an example on how to use it.

Use the next Column to compare the Values eg.


pull down the Formula and filter on Kriteria True for Helper-Column