Two conditional formatting bugs in Calc - anything with existing formatting overrides conditional formatting, and does not update in realtime

I am using conditional formatting to highlight duplicates in red. It will not color any copy/pasted values that have formatting (like a word copied from a website). It appears that the formatting that gets pasted overrides the conditional formatting.

Also, even non copy/pasted values don’t work as expected. It works initially but if I remove a duplicate it stays red until I re-apply the rule, or minus the window and open it again.

I am using version

Here’s how to replicate the first issue:

  1. Go here and copy one of the part numbers and paste it into two cells. For example, the first one on that page is Mfr Part #: 10-1057.
  2. Ctrl+A to select all.
  3. Format > Conditional > Condition…
  4. Use these settings: [Cell value is] [duplicate] [ bad ]
  5. Now that conditional formatting is applied, paste the same thing again into another cell. It will not turn red.

Here’s how to replicate the second issue:

  1. make a list of numbers (1, 2, 2, 3) in column A for example.
  2. Ctrl+A to select all.
  3. Format > Conditional > Condition…
  4. Use these settings: [Cell value is] [duplicate] [ bad ]
  5. Delete one of the duplicates. The one remaining is still red.
    In this case (1, 2, 2, 3) both 2s would be red. Remove a 2 and the remaining one stays red.

Please take a minute and read this Introduction - Bugs and what it states about where bug reports should go to.

(But probably you simply missed to perform a hard recalculate CTRL+SHIFT+F9 or Data -> Calculate -> Recalculate Hard)

There is nothing to calculate in that procedure given. Nevertheless, pointing to the bug tracker for bug reports is right.

However, note that for the first case after having pasted via the HTML filter the conditional format on the pasted cell is removed, if it was A2 then the remaining cell range it is B1:AMJ1048576;A1;A3:A1048576

For the second case it seems a refresh is missing, hitting PageDown followed by PageUp once does it.

copy cond-formatted dup’s: all fine with Version: (winx64), all copies red, small changes: red away, if! you copy cond-formatted cells, if you paste the content still in clipboard you’ll likely overpaste the cond-formatting as erAck pointed out, evt. you can go around that with paste special - without formattings …

deleting one sibling and other stays red: confirmed with above ver., happens on delete content, delete cell, delete column, but not on delete row … there is other irregular behaviour too, like only one dup being coloured and the other lagging behind … just file it as a bug … works better but not perfect in, e.g. on copies in one row sometimes only the copy gets coloured …

Gluing should always be done Without formatting, so as not to interfere with the formatting of the file.

delete column, but not on delete row

pardon, other way around … delete column is ok, delete row isn’t,