two curves in one graph with different line types: smooth and stepped

I need to have two different type of lines in one graph. I have been searching in the “help” text document and in the internet in forums or discussions here but could not find the answer: is it possible to do or this program can not provide this option?

Yes. Double-click on the chart to put it in Edit mode. Left-click on one of the lines to select it. Right-click on it to get the dialog box. Choose the “Format data series” option. Choose the type of line that you prefer. Do the same for your other line. When finished, double-click on an empty cell somewhere else in your spreadsheet to take the chart out of Edit mode.

There are many options for editing the appearance of charts. Experimentation is encouraged.

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Hello, thank you for the reply. But when I do like you described I have only option to change STYLE of the line in “Data series/Line” window. So I can do the line “Continuous” or “Dashed”. But I need to have different TYPE of line! So I need one line “Stepped” or “Straight” and another line “Smooth”

OK, do you mean a line or curve that is fitted to the data? If so, LibreOffice calls them Trend lines and there are six choices : linear, power, polynomial, logarithmic, exponential, and moving average. Do as above but instead of selecting Format Data Series, select Insert Trend Line, in the dialog box.

By “stepped line”, do you mean a line that only connects successive data points? That is chosen near the beginning of the charting process.

thank you very much, yes it works with the ‘moving average’ mode. but it’s not straight forward way, because plus to all this above mentioned actions I also need to rid off the initial curved type line. So i did it like change the colour of the initial line to white or put wide too zero and chose the option “without symbols” on the curve. But it’s boring…I thought there was another way…