Two issues with latest (?) version of LibreOffice

Hello Friends

I installed Lubuntu 18.10 which comes with LibreOffice and I have experienced these two issues:

  1. It cannot open .dbf files.

  2. Pressing Ctrl+P doesn’t show an accurate print preview. For instance if I set the ‘Scaling factor’ to 120% and then proceed to print the selected cells, the preview does not show any changes in the output, except if I exceeded the margins.

I had no problem with a previous version of LibreOffice.
Thank you very much for your time.

What version of LO do you use now? And what version was previous?

Hello Friend, it’s working now, after I installed LibreOffice Base; it’s strange that Base did not come with the Lubuntu installation while calc, writer, impress, draw, and math did.
Anyway to answer your question, Version: and , but now that I have installed Base, I’ve noticed the LibreOffice version is now
Seems to be ok now. Thank you very much

Hey, please see below. I forgot about problem number 2. Also, I was supposed to attach a .ods file so you can try it out but I can’t seem to do so. How do I attach a file?

Ad #1 I’m not entirely sure if Ubuntu packages things exactly the same as Debian, but make sure the libreoffice-base package is installed as well.

I think you’re right about installing base. Calc can now open dbf files. Thanks very much.

Hi, can you see my comment above please? thanks much