two problems with pivot points

One problem I’m having with pivot points (in draw) is that when I zoom in and try and get a pivot point to be at the approximate center of a circle (The circle is made of rings, I haven’t found a way to duplicate the method in illustrator of creating precise shapes of other shapes…) the pivot point will not remain where I placed it. Its almost as if the resolution of the pivot point has a limitation, and cannot be adjusted beyond a certain precision.

The second problem is that the help page suggests that I am able to move a pivot point outside its parent object. This does not happen in practice. As soon as I rotate the object, the pivot point is returned to its original position (object center).

Greatly appreciate ANY suggestions. Thanks!

To get more precision:

  • You can define a snap point in menu Insert > Insert Snap Point/Line and enable snap to snap lines in menu View > Snap Lines > Snap to Snap Lines. When you drag the Pivot Point with the mouse, it will snap to the snap point.
  • You can use the Position and Size dialog (key F4) and enter the exact position of the Pivot Point and in addition the value of the rotation angle.

The Pivot Point is not restricted in its position, you can drag/set it where you want. But the setting is not sticky and you have to do it before each rotation.

You can get a series of copies with the tool in Duplicate in menu Edit > Duplicate. The tool has means to alter position, size and color for the series.

You should get an identical copy of a shape with a simple copy+paste, but that was erroneously changed to a little shift in version LO 5.3, it is back to past at original place in LO 5.4. In LO 5.3 you can use the duplicate tool for that.

I have filed an enhancement request for that