two rows in Calendar Creator


I am using the Calendar Creator 2.0 template and I find it so useful.

In some days I want to introduce more than one item (holiday, anniversary, etc). But I find that only one per day is allowed.

Has anyone been able to put two or more items in a single day?

Thanks in advance



Use Ctrl+Enter to start a new line.


Thanks Ratslinger for your time. I think that my explanation was not good.

In the first sheet of the file you can add items (title and date) that will be automatically added to the specific day in the calendar. Then you need only to change the year and you have the new calendar.
The problem I find is that when I have two or more items for the same date, the program automatically only shows one of them.

Thanks in advance.

@ignasi Please do not respond with an answer. Instead use a comment.

Your thinking seems to be incorrect. If you have a second event for the same date, do not add an entire new line with day, month & year, simply modify the Event Name field by adding a second description line using Ctrl+Enter as mentioned in the answer.